How to make money using Facebook groups

Hey guys Jeremy Lagatule here coming toyou from Auckland, New Zealand and in this article I’m gonna share with you how to make money using Facebook groups so if you are looking for ways to promoteyour business or you’re looking for ways to make money with Facebook groups thenstay tuned because I’m gonna give you a detailed tutorial on how to make moneyusing Facebook groups alright so let’s just jump over and I’mgonna share with you a 3-step process all right simple 3 steps that you can use to make money using Facebook groupsall right so step one this is this is really really simple stuff okay step oneis just to select a product or service to sell so if you already are anaffiliate marketer or a business owner this should be a simple step right go to your website and and impact one of your products or maybe you only have one service alright.

So you just want to go and get your product or service to sellal right so in order to make money using Facebook groups right using the strategy you’re going to need a product to sell if you don’t have a product to sell Ihave a really awesome product that I can share with you very shortly after I gothrough this three-step process that actually pays a hundred percent commissions now the cool thing about making money online with affiliatemarketing is that using digital products you can actually earn a hundred percentcommissions for your efforts alright we’ll get to that a little bit later okay so that’s step one choose a product or service to sell because if you don’thave something to sell you can’t make money alright so that’s just a logicalfirst step alright so step two find and join relevant Facebook groups alright so what you need to think about is first of all you know what is your product who is your target market who are the people that are already looking for your product right so your product or service is going to be a solution for somebody’s problem alright somebody is going to be looking for your product or service.

So what we want to do is to go and find Facebook groups that are relevant toyour product all right there’s no use in going out and just spamming the internet with your products and just hoping people are gonna wanna buy it right we actually want to go out and target specific groups and people who already want your products or service and I’m gonna show you how to do that simply and easily using this Facebook group strategy okay so step 3 post attractive advertisements into those groups right so we’re going to find the groups that are relevant to your product or service and then we’re going to be posting attractive advertisements into those groups where those people are right sowe’re those people that may be interested or most likely to be interested in purchasing your products or services or just taking a look or atrial or whatever it is that you want to do you know we want to post attractive advertisements into those groups alright so those are the three steps now I’m gonna jump over and give you a detailed tutorial exactly how to do it all rightlet’s just jump over okay so here is the article like this is the content that you’re likely to be watching okay if you don’t yet have a product or service to sell okay and step one I can actually help you out with that play.

If you scrolldown to the description here a cave is a link here alright and this is myrecommended product it’s a digital product okay it’s a program that you cansell and earn 100% commissions all you need to do is come down to the description click on the link right like this click on the link and that will take you over to this is my capture page right if you enter your details then I will send you information about 100% Commission’s okay so that is if you don’t already have a product or service this is my recommended product to service that you can use to sell right and step one alright so that was step one let’s now jump over into Facebook for step two which is finding facebook groups okay so I’m just gonna give you a quick tutorial let’s say that you sell houses okay so what we want to do is find people who may be interested in buying houses right so I’m just gonna type buying houses okay all you need to do is go to the Facebook layer log into Facebook I’m assuming that you already have a Facebook account log into Facebook again.

Let’s say you’re a real estate engine or you want to sell your house or you havea commissioned agreement with a housing company to sell houses right let’s goand we’ll type in buying houses okay you just want to come across and click on groups boom okay so what comes up tiny house buy and sell okay New Zealand houses this is targeting me because I am in Auckland New Zealand so Facebookk nows where I am so they’re giving me delivering me with groups that are most relevant to me so if you win and put in buying houses you’re probably gonna geta different group different variety of groups that are targeted to you there’s cool thing about using Facebook as they use very in-depth targeting all rightthey know a lot about us who are using Facebook and they can deliver us with very relevant groups all right they’ve done all the hard work for us okay so wecan literally just go and start joining these groups alright and once you getinto these groups right look this has 2 point 4K members k 9.5k members 8.8K members like there is just so many people in these grooves right and youcan go join these groups and then you can not all of the groups will allow youto post okay.

but even if you can’t post in these groups you can actually go andcontact the members and talk to them directly alright so if is free advertising this was a way toget free leads you already know these people are interested all right this isso crazy and so I I’m gonna gonna just go over to some groups and give you a demonstration of how I would post all right so my business okay that I am promoting is my internet business okay this is my page alright and so what I would do is go and get one of my links right so this is one of my links here um you know if you have a website or an affiliate program or a link all you need to do is go and copy that link or your website address.

okay let’s go copy and go over to group so I have a variety of groups that I havechosen because I’m an affiliate marketing I’m looking for people who areinto a fully at marketing and to making money online so I went over and I founda whole lot of groups called affiliate marketing alright so if we have a lookthis one is called affiliate CPA email marketing you know winnin found another one called worldwide affiliate marketing another one affiliate marketing worldwide and so on and so on and so on right and so all you need to do to start making money from these groups is go and start posting right so let’s say I will just I mean you if you already have sales copy or advertisements that youcan go and copy and paste that’s probably pretty cool too because it’ll save you a whole lot of time you won’t have to you know write but if you’reokay with writing you can work whatever you want you can write I have look I have a little blurb that I wrote here for let’s just let it load for my pageright so I can literally just come and copy this copy this whole thing so I wrote it the other day right I can copy this copy right and then I will go overto the page and just paste it okay so if you really have a website or if you already have sales copy you can do that and you can just go and upload a photo let’s say you want to upload a photo that you might have in your computer or you could take a photo all right so this is taking a little while to load I’m not sure why okay let’s skip the photo on aessentially frozen okay.

it’s frozen okay so photos right so I can go to my computer just find a photo let’s say how to generate leads know how to make money using facebook right so I’ll just click this photo and it’s going to load upinto the group so if copy and pasted my tics okay sothat’s something and I wrote earlier copy and paste it that it’s got my link layer okay I’ve got my photo all I need to do now is paste post sorry post and boom here we go got my post in the group rightit’s a Filipe marketing group so chances are that the people in this group are going to be interested in affiliate marketing and I’ve got my cool little image there done alright so go over to the next group and just do the exact same thing paste right and then just do it again post again how simple is that guys this is insane I have literally use this strategy to drive thousands and thousands of leads through my capture pages and generated hundreds of dollars like just in a matter of days using the strategy alright it’s a simple simple strategy okay and any one can do it the other cool part about joining these groups is you can go and look at the members right click on members on the left hand side there see it has about discussion and members click on members boom you can go through and see all these members so you know for that same example where I looked up by houses if you’re looking for people who are interested in buying houses you jumpin a housing group and then you just click on members and you can come through and you can just start friending these people sending the message thatyou know net working with these people this is really as an insanely simple wayto start generating leads and sales for any business on the internet all you need is right what what what I started with the three-step process is a product to sell okay or service to sell you go and find and join relevant Facebook groups right and then you just post attractive advertisements in thosegroups this is a hundred percent free and it works alright.

The only thing thatI would stress is just to just to be careful about how much you post occasionally you don’t want to be posting hundreds of posts over and overand over because Facebook actually doesn’t like that so you just want to stagger them out maybe do you know two or three posts per hour in different groups so yeah there we go guys I’m gonna wrap this article up at that I hope you found value this is just some free training I wanted to throw out the reagain if you are looking for a way to make money a simple way to make moneyclick the link below this article and you can go through setup take a free accountjoin for free have a look through the system you can email me contact me just search me up or leave a comment on this article and I’ll be happy to give you more information so I hope you enjoyed this article guys I hope this was helpful beneficial for you to start maybe making some money through Facebook groups sountil next time all the best with your business and your money making efforts online we’ll see you again in my next article

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